Credit: Lāsma Artmane

This will be a quick post! Discussing about mentality or mind is not new. In fact, it is one of the most discussed subjects since the ancient times. You can even google it and get tons of results. However, I would like to express my understanding about the concept and its sever results on the individual’s thoughts and actions.

Imaging that you are a “worker”(in any field). Unless you work for an amazing boss/leader, you will feel burnout after a while, even if you do love your job. This is especially true in the fields that deal with mental efforts (Knowledge workers), like IT, Academia, etc.

Now, imagine if you could work for yourself and bill the customers based on the hours that you work, or even starting your own company which delivers a service to people and gets paid based on that service.

What has changed in the equation?
Could you feel burnout ? Sure.
Is it the same burnout that you work for someone else? Absolutely not!

And this is the key difference. When you relate something to yourself and make it personal, it fires up your inner strength and leads you to better and more productive solutions. It does not matter which subject it is, a problem needs a solution and your job is to tackle that with all your energy.

No need to say about the sense of freedom, ownership and fulfillment (you did something for yourself and your family) when your mind shifts to this point of view.

I might write about this later..